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What's New?

Updated the catalog to reflect what t-shirt stock is left.

Another major update to the site. The catalog is being phased out, so updated catalog pages to this effect.

Started a major update to the site...never really finished it though. Removed Bank of America links since their secure payment system got canned.

Another re-arrangement of the site. The Teleport Gods have decided I cannot use pictures in our gopher space in my web pages! I apologize to all you codpiece lovers out there that I have been amiss with the Codpiece International Website. It is a hobby of mine and I have been somewhat distracted with other pursuits. I will try to make it up to you all in the near future.

Re-organized the "What is Codpiece International" section.

Clean up some of the HTML in the WWW site and fixed some bad links. Added Henry VIII suit of armour to the Gallery

Put Bridal Casuals on-line and re-arranged home page to point to both Codpiece International and Bridal Casuals. Updated FORM ordering page for Codpiece International. Once Bank of America get the details to us on how we are to integrate our site with their secure payment system, we should be able to have seamless link and be able to process orders on-line.

Created the Codpiece International Gallery and added Jennifer's codpiece fashion illustrations and Codpieces in the Performing Arts. I have plenty of additional material to add here as soon as I have the time! Also created the Media Archive with information on what people are saying about Codpiece International.

Updated the organization of the site. Pretty transparent to you all, but it will make it easier for me to make further improvements.

Updated the Codpiece International gopher site so that the menus are actually informative!

Added page counter to home page.

Major re-arrangement of our Web site to try and reduce the volume. We are ~40MB/day at the moment!

Teleport introduced 600MB/month (20MB/day) download limit on Web accesses. This is going to make things real interesting!

Updated home page with recent events.

Point Communications Corporation gave us the "Top 5% of the Web" award. You can find there review of us here.

Jennifer and Richard went on a vacation in England, and did lots of codpiece research! More to come.

Moved Codpiece International Menu to its own page. Added color icons to some links for clarity.

Converted home page gifs to transparent format.

Codpiece International got listed in the Whole Internet Catalog Celebrity Hotlist, Week of April 11 1995, by Chip Rowe, Editor of Chip's Closet Cleaner.

We were supposed to be featured in the Chicago Tribune today. We could not find one in Portland, so we are hoping some kind sole will send us some clippings? :-) Noone has though :-(

We were also featured in the April issue of NetGuide magazine. We can be found on p.30 in an article entitled "Give Codpiece a Chance". I hope to have an HTML version of this up soon!

Revamped the catalog. Each item now has its own page. This avoids downloading all the preview pictures for all the T-shirts when you access the catalog. Now you can select the T-shirts that you wish to preview independently.

Updated the ordering section and it now has its own page. Still need to get the FORM ordering page finished... but that should be any time soon :-)

Further development of the FORM ordering page...this should be ready soon. We are hoping to be one of Bank of America's beta-testing sites for its new on-line ordering and payment system it is developing in conjunction with Netscape Communications Corporation. We will be sure to keep you posted!

Finally got around to entering stuff into the What's New page! Now you can get some boring diatribe about what has been done recently. But it should help people checking in again to find the new bits.

Added the Pegasus Printing page describing the company, its address and telephone/fax numbers.

Added the What's New page but didn't get around put putting anything on it!

Began developing the FORM ordering page to allow on-line ordering of items, i.e. T-shirts.

We were featured on Glenn Davis' "Cool Site of the Day" page at InfiNet on Saturday 25th February which generated a phenomenal amount of interest (over 50,000 hits!). I'm glad that it settled down after a couple of days, or the "Net Gods" @ Teleport might have got a little upset!

Codpiece International got a review in the December 8th issue of the Netsurfer Digest (Vol. 1, Issue 3) under the title "Long Live the Codpiece!".

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