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Ordering products

Ordering Methods

There are five methods you can use to order from us.

  1. On-line.
  2. E-mail.
  3. Fax.
  4. Telephone.
  5. Snail Mail.

-  On-line

Take a look at our sleak WWW Form you will be able to order via...soon! :-) Please do not use it to order at the moment.

-  We are currently working with Bank of America on an on-line payment system using a credit card. Using a combination of our web site at Teleport and the bank's web site, you will be able to order items on-line and then pay via a secure link. No more having to call or send in your payment separately.

We are still waiting on them to implement this, but hopefully you will soon be able to order items at the "click" of a button!

-  E-mail

You can access an order form via your browser and save it to a TEXT file. Next complete the application in a text editor and email it back to us. The Teleport WWW server does not support secure HTTP (S-HTTP), so...

!Please DO NOT include credit card information by email!

Please either fax or call your credit card information in to us (see above). Whilst the debate over internet security continues, we would prefer that you did not email any sensitive information, like card numbers, to us at this time.

-  Fax order

You can access an order form via your browser, and fax in the order on 1-503-452-9258 with your credit card information.

-  Telephone order

You can access an order form via your browser, and call in the order on 1-800-626-7058 using a credit card. If you get our voice mail, feel free to leave a message with the order using the order form as a guide.

-  Mail order

You can access an order form via your browser, print it out locally, and mail it to us with your payment (check/money order).

Shipping and Handling

There are three methods you can select to have your order shipped to you.

  1. USPS..
  2. UPS.
  3. Airbourne Express.

-  U. S. Postal Service

$4 first item, $2 ea addl item.
$5 first item, $3 ea addl item.
$8 first item, $3 ea addl item.

-  UPS

$5 first item, $3 ea addl item.

-  Airbourne Express

$14 upto 2 lbs in weight.

Payment Methods

We accept the three following payment methods,

  1. Credit Cards..
  2. Check/Money Order.
  3. COD.

-  Credit cards

Pegasus Printing honors Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

-  Check/Money order

These can only be drawn on a bank in the USA. Those outside the USA must use a credit card.

-  COD orders

We accept COD in the USA via UPS for a $4.75 charge per shipment. Please let us know when you order if you wish to pay this way.

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